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Why You Should Consider Having Your Tree Removed Before Next Winter

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With summer having freshly arrived, not many people are looking forward to the oncoming arrival of winter. After all, this is a period where most people have holidays, enjoy their family and maybe even take a vacation to somewhere nice and tropical. However, it is also a good time to get your garden in order because winter brings with it many challenges that the weaker parts of your garden may not survive if they can even last to that point. If you have an old or potentially hazardous tree, here is why you should get it removed by a professional tree service before next winter or risk serious consequences.

It May Not Survive This Summer

Not only is summer traditionally the rainy season, but this summer, in particular, is going to be more violent than ever with a La Nina event declared. That means a deluge of rain before winter even rears its head, and that can pose problems for heavy old trees with weak roots. If the tree you had in mind for removal is clearly dead and has not borne any fresh leaves or new growth this past spring, then it is a good idea to take care of it as soon as possible this summer and not wait for it to potentially fall down in a thunderous rainstorm.

Harder Ground Makes For Tougher Removal

With a higher temperature and an abundance of moisture in the air and ground, tree removal in summer is far easier than it can be in winter. Once temperatures start dropping, the ground can become hard as rock and make larger projects quite challenging. This doesn't mean that your tree becomes safe in this newly hardened ground, far from it. The tree itself is still weak and can be easily snapped by a few strong winds (which you often see during winter). 

Use It To Help The Rest Of Your Garden

Another great reason why organising your tree removal now makes more sense is because you can use the leftover parts of your tree to help the rest of your green areas flourish. Many tree removal companies will mulch the tree down for you, either as an included service or for a small fee. This gives you a tonne of natural, highly nutritious mulch that can help give your garden a boost. If you wait until winter, most plants will be in a hibernation period and couldn't utilise this additional gift. 

If you have a tree like this, then reach out to a professional who provides tree removal services.