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Why No Homeowner Should Try to Handle Their Own Tree Trimming and Removal

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Trimming branches on a tree or digging up a stump may seem like an easy job, but many homeowners are surprised at how difficult these jobs really are and what can go wrong when you try to handle these on your own.

As a homeowner, your safety can be at risk and you can cause tremendous property damage when you try to handle even the simplest tree trimming or removal job. Note a few reasons why that is and why you want to always call a professional for this type of landscaping work.

1. Trimmed trees never fall where you expect

Television shows may offer comical home videos of homeowners watching helplessly as trimmed tree branches bounce and drop in a way they never expected, and wind up smashing a car or through a porch roof. However, there is nothing funny about how unpredictable tree branches and trunks are when they're trimmed; even if you tie them down and try to pull them in a certain direction, they can bounce or slide and land anywhere. This poses a danger for anyone on the ground as you really can't control those branches or a trimmed trunk.

This unexpected nature of how trimmed trees fall is also a safety concern for anyone on a ladder, trying to trim the branches or cut down the trunk so the tree can be removed. If you were to remove too much of the trunk, your ladder may not have proper support and a bouncing tree branch can come right back to where the ladder is located. Not only is this dangerous in of itself, but when you're holding a cutting tool of any sort it becomes even more treacherous.

A professional service will know how to secure branches and tree trunks and how to control their descent, and will ensure that no one is in danger from falling parts as the tree is trimmed.

2. Tree roots are rarely clear of materials under the ground

If you need to dig up a trunk to remove a tree from your yard, note that tree roots are rarely clear of materials that are under the ground. They often tend to wrap around plumbing pipes and buried power lines. If you were to simply dig up that trunk without knowing how to check for these buried utilities or how to trim the roots beforehand, you could wind up pulling these up with the stump. A professional will know how to check for buried utilities and how to trim the roots so that no damage is caused by the tree removal.

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