Removing trees from power lines

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3 Reasons to Hire a Tree Service

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If there are trees on your property, you want to keep them looking healthy and beautiful. This often involves trimming and pruning, which can be tricky at times. Unless you are experienced with this sort of work, it is generally best to hire professional tree services to take care of this and any other work involving your trees. But, this is just one reason why you should hire a tree service to care for your trees. Here are a few more.

No Mess

If you decide that you want to do your own trimming or pruning, you are responsible for cleaning up all of the mess after the work is done. This means hauling away stumps, limbs, and whole trees, cleaning up wood chips, and more. When you hire a tree service, they will do all of this work for you.


Whether you need to have a limb, stump, or an entire tree removed, it is dangerous work. Professionals from a tree service will be fully trained in the use of all of their equipment. If a branch is near power lines and needs to be removed, only someone who is trained and experienced should do the work, as there is a huge potential for injuries, including severe electrical shock.

Another safety issue is where the branches or trees may happen to fall. If you try to do any cutting by yourself, you could end up damaging your own or someone else's property, because the limb or tree fell onto that property. Professionals from tree services will know how to do the cutting so that falling limbs or trees will pose no dangers to people or property.

Another dangerous aspect of this work is grinding away old tree stumps. In addition to the risk of wood chips flying every which way and possibly hitting you or others nearby, there is also the chance that the chainsaw could kick back, causing injuries to you.

Save Your Trees

You may think that a tree is diseased and will need to be cut down. But, a specialist from a tree service like Clean Cut Tree Services may be able to find ways to save the tree, so you don't lose it.

For instance, if there is a limb that is rotting, they will cut the limb off, and then treat the rest of the tree so it doesn't rot and die. They will also be able to prune your trees properly in order for them to stay healthy. Many people don't realize that they are often doing more harm than good when they attempt pruning themselves.