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Some Different Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

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Tree stumps can be unsightly in an otherwise pristine yard. They can also take up space, and if grass and weeds have grown over the stump, it can become a hazard. In many cases, the cost of removing a tree stump is separate from pruning a tree; this reflects the difficulty of the job. However, there are several ways you can remove a tree stump from your yard, and this article explores some of these ways.

Burn The Stump

If you have cut a tree down and are left with only the stump, it can be worthwhile to burn the stump away. Do this by drilling deep down into the stump, making many holes, which are close to each other, but not overlapping. Once you have removed the wooden debris from the holes, insert potassium nitrate down them. Next, using nearly boiling water, fill the holes with the water. Once the potassium nitrate has been dissolved, ignite some wood on top of the stump. The stump should catch fire, and burn down. Remember to use a sharp instrument, such as an ax, to break down the stump as it burns.

Rot The Stump

This method is similar to burning the stump. Start by drilling holes in a similar fashion, close to each other, but not touching. You will then need to pour a substance that is high in nitrogen into the holes; these types of substances can be sourced from many hardware or gardening outlets. The nitrate will begin to rot and soften the stump, and you will have to use an ax or other implement (such as a pick ax) to remove chunks of it as it does so.

Loosen The Stump

This method is quite labor intensive, but is effective. Once you have cut the tree down so that only the stump remains, dig around the stump with an ax or pick ax to reveal as many of the roots as possible. It is a good idea to use a hose to remove the dirt; this can help to expose more roots. Cut the roots with a chainsaw or an ax, and try to move the stump by hand. The aim is to rock it back and forth, loosening it as you do so. This may take several attempts, but eventually you should be in a position to uproot it completely. If you need a helping hand, attach a chain to the stump and then to a vehicle. Alternate between reversing and moving forward, so that you are loosening the stump. You should then be able to manually uproot it.

Once the stump has gone, it will leave a large hole; be sure to fill this in with some soil immediately. Contact a company like Dowling Tree Services for more information.