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From Roots to Rainbow: How Multiple Tree Species Can Fill Your Garden With Colour

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It is quite common to see the same species of tree grouped together in an urban setting, such as the row of brush box trees in Avenue Road, Sydney. Using the same tree species is useful if you intend to create a privacy screen or shaded path. A row of pencil pines, for example, would be ideal for this purpose. However, if you've ever walked through a wood of deciduous trees in spring or autumn, you'll know just how breathtaking the array of colours on display can be.

If you have the space to work with, you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of planting multiple tree species in your yard. By planting several deciduous tree species in your yard each spring and autumn, your garden will overflow with an array of colours, not to mention scents.

Spring Brings Blossoms

One of the best things about spring is the blossoms! For a few weeks, you are treated to bursts of vibrant colour on pavements and gardens everywhere. If you are planning to add some trees to your property then, think about the colours they produce in spring.

If you choose well, your garden might come alive with an array of colourful blossoms. For instance, you could plant crab apple trees with flowering cherry trees to create a candyfloss-like mixture of pink and white blossoms each year.

You don't even have to stop at two species. In fact, the more blossoming trees you add and the wider the variety of colours, the greater the effect they will have on your garden every spring.

Summer Brings Colour

Trees don't just flower in spring. Some tree species flower in summer too. If the plan is to add more colour to your garden at all times of the year, you could also plant one or two trees that blossom during the summer.

A crepe myrtle, for instance, which is a small but beautiful tree and produces pink flowers in summer, would be the ideal companion for a flowering cherry or crab apple tree. As spring passes, the crepe myrtle will take over the duty of providing lovely blossoms for your garden.

Autumn Brings Striking Colours

Flowers dominate the scene in spring and summer. However, autumn belongs to the leaves. One of the best benefits of planting multiple deciduous tree species on your property is the burst of fiery colours you are treated to every autumn.

Some tree species' leaves turn yellow, some gold and others red or orange. There are an array of colours to choose from. For instance, you could place a Japanese maple, whose leaves turn red in autumn, with a gingko tree, which produces yellow leaves in autumn. The result would be a striking mixture of red and yellow.

Planting multiple tree species in your garden is a fun and long-lasting way to add more colour to your yard. Look for a wholesale nursery near you if you think planting a variety of tree species is the path you wish to take.