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How a Tree Removal Service Can Help You Obtain a Permit for Tree Removal

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If you need to remove a tree from your private property, you might need permission from your local council to do so. Removing a protected tree from your property without council permission could land you with a hefty fine. You may even be required to go to court over the removal.

Although the rules differ somewhat across Australia, each state does have certain species and certain tree sizes that require a permit for removal. Fortunately, with the guidance of a tree removal service, you can figure out if you need a permit. A tree removal service can also help you to obtain a removal permit.

A tree removal service can identify your tree's species

Across Australia, local councils protect endangered and native tree species, though these species may differ from region to region. If you aren't sure if your tree is protected, a tree service can examine your tree to determine its species. If your tree is on the protected list, then you'll need to present a good reason to your local council to have the tree removed.

A tree removal service can measure your tree's size

Local councils around Australia also protect trees that are over a certain size. You can obtain this information from your local council, but you'll then need to measure your tree to determine its size. If you don't have the right equipment, this can be difficult and dangerous. A tree removal service can measure your tree's height and width to determine if it is protected.

But even if your tree is protected by your local council, with the help of a tree service or arborist, you can present a good reason for your tree's removal.

A tree removal service can examine your tree and create an arborist report

If you need a permit to remove your tree, then an arborist's report can help you to obtain one. To begin this process, contact a tree service with a qualified arborist on the team. Councils will only accept tree reports from qualified arborists.

An arborist can examine your tree and determine if you have just cause to remove it. You can usually obtain a permit from your council if:

  • Your tree is dead or dying
  • Your tree is infested with insects
  • Your tree is too close to your home
  • Your tree has developed a dangerous lean
  • Your tree is damaging your home or the surrounding area

An arborist can identify these issues and then include them in an arborist report to present to your council. If your council deems your reason acceptable, they will give you a tree removal permit.